coworking space in delhi
coworking space in delhi

About Us

Where Skills , experience and integrity
become your foundation

Bhive is a part of such an environment opens up the opportunities to network and get in touch with people who might be relevant for your business or work.Meeting new people from different backgrounds is always a great way to grow and gain more knowledge.Here you have that chance to meet great thinkers, established businessmen and entrepreneurs.


Open spaces

Explore our coworking space through your own eyes. Different sitting plan for different office space.


Hours a day

Desk space in a lockable office with 24/7 access to premium amenities and conference rooms.


Events annually

Events are good, they’re an added value for your brand, they give people a taste of what your community is all about, and they can help you attract new members.


Inspired members

Our Inspired members are working hard to provide you the best. Discover the best ways to attract coworking members.

Our services

Enough Space to accommodate people without disturbing each other to build a large community. Providing Internet with High Speed and WIFI,Private Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls,Leisure activity room,state-of-the-art AC system,main and important security and many more amenities.

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Private Space

There should be full access to such rooms without extra cost. Space should be provided to conduct events and exhibitions to collaborate with others and showcase their products or services.

coworking space in faridabad

24X7 access

Access to the office and personal desk should be given which makes working flexible and startups can easily concentrate on expanding their business.

coworking space in faridabad

Leisure activity room

A person’s productivity decreases if he or she keeps on working constantly, so a break is very important to feel fresh and energetic. We know fresh mood will help him work with double speed.

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High Speed Internet

Work is done through the net and if the speed is low it can hamper the work and time. So, providing high speed and free access of internet.

coworking space in mohan estate


Coworking Space at a prime location is more successful where reachability is not a problem for people. Bhive is easily located and no difficulty in traveling.

coworking space in mohan estate

More benefits

Get Free Coffee and tew with no extra Charge. Easy to use Printing and Faxing State of the art printers and copiers with easy access. Flexible offerings make The Hub a win for any business.

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coworking space in delhi

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coworking space in delhi